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Go Green IBS 2018 With Director

SERDANG, January (UPM) - Institute of Bioscience (IBS), has launched 'UBD Floral Calendar' program which was held in 30 January 2018. 'UBD Floral Calendar' is the first ever program to celebrate the diversity of selected flora for the month of 2018. Tacca integrifolia or Bat flower, the icon of UPM Conservatory Park was chosen as the first flora to be celebrated in January 2018.

Among the programs that have been held are Go green @ IBS with IBS Director attended by all IBS staffs. Go green @ IBS is an opening programmes in 2018 and one of IBS's efforts in exploring and introducing medicinal plants which have medicinal values to all IBS staffs which was conserved at UPM Conservatory Park. At the same time, the program also promotes green life culture as an effort to balances carbon dioxide production by 40 per cent as enshrined in the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020). The program also serves as one of the promotion strategy to appeal the corporate sectors or agencies that have allocation funds in corporate social responsibility (CSR) work and are keen to contribute to the development of the UPM Conservatory Park.

The main objectives are:

  • To raise awareness and understanding of the biodiversity conservation;
  • To introduce the richness of Malaysia biodiversity;
  • To apply values and spirit of conservation of biodiversity resources; and
  • To disseminate IBS and UPM programs and research to students, local communities and the public.

Various interesting activities have been held such as aerobics, launching of 'UBD Floral Calendar' by Ybhg. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Omar (Director of IBS), planting of 500 plants along the garden fences and sale of seedlings and medicinal plants.

Any query for corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects please contact: Noor Hazwani Abdul Rahim : 0389472130 / hazwani_ar@upm.edu.my or Rishzuan Talib : 03-89472175 / rishzuan@upm.edu.my.


Julia Abdul Aziz

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