The Institute of Bioscience offers various field of study in the area of biological sciences to provide opportunities for students who are pursuing their studies and to enhance their knowledge and training in research, development, commercialization and Innovation (RDCI).

Special emphasis is given to RDCI in critical areas such as animal, plant, aquatic based value added products and bio-health. This is achieve using sophisticated equipment and advance research facilities in the institute such as high-end Electron Microscope Instruments, various range of Spectroscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, state of the art of Robotic Proteomic Workstation, various sizes of Bioreactor System DNA Sequencing and Microarray Facility.

The Institute of Bioscience works closely with faculties in
UPM whereby the teaching processes are conducted by the relevant faculties and research programmes among postgraduate students are carried out in IBS by experience researchers in multidisciplinary and integrated approaches.

IBS also accepts applications from diploma and undergraduate students from various Institutions who...more...
UPM offers mobility programs to meet the needs of international students wishing to spend a...more...