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IBS Won the Third Place in Container Garden Competition

31 October 2023 - University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC) of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organised a Container Garden Competition during the UCTC Decade Community Carnival, commemorating 10 years of UCTC UPM (2013 - 2023). Nine Responsibility Centers participated in this two-day event.

Team ‘A Planters’ from the Biodiversity Unit, Institute of Bioscience (IBS), led by Mrs. Julia Abdul Aziz, secured the 3rd place. The team, comprising Mrs. Noor Hazwani Abdul Rahim, Mr. Muhammad Amri Putra Shafhee, and Mr. Mohd Safawi Mohd Jari, showcased innovative container gardening by using polystyrene/styrofoam as plant containers. This creative approach aims to address pollution issues at the IBS. Aligned with the Container Garden concept, ‘A Planters’ featured three plant categories, i.e. plant tissue culture trees (halia bara, ubi jaga and kacip fatimah), kitchen herb trees (pegaga, sireh, pandan and turmeric), and decorative trees (lidah mertua, pokok sireh gading, begonia and anthurium).

The planting media included fragrant lemongrass compost derived from e-waste generated during essential oil distillation. This compost not only enhances soil fertility but also serves as mulch to retain moisture and deter insects. Laboratory tests confirmed the presence of geraniol, citronellal, and citronellol in the lemongrass oil, acting as natural insect repellents.

Innovations like drip irrigation using perforated mineral water bottles and kitchen waste compost further showcased sustainable practices. The gradual release of water from mineral bottles minimised the need for regular watering, while wet compost from kitchen scraps (e.g. rice husks, fruit peels, onions, vegetable scraps and fish or chicken leftovers) served as the natural fertiliser. These initiatives underscored ‘A Planters' commitment to cultivating healthy and safe-to-eat green plants without the reliance on chemical fertilisers.


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