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Nephrotoxicity of Aristolochic Acid (AA) and Cisplatin on Zebrafish Larvae

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The increasing demand on zebrafish kidney research was much affected by its benefit in mimicking human kidney at pronephros stage, its genomic resources available in comparison to humans, the transparent embryo or larvae for easy observation, and its rapid development, low cost and high reproducibility.

The first indication of kidney abnormality in a zebrafish model is the phenotypic edema, which is mostly observed when nephrotoxicity is induced via microinjection directly on the kidney. Due to the high cost of a microinjector necessary for microinjection technique, we opted for the immersion method. However, there is still lack of evidence on what particular inducing drugs can be used effectively in the immersion method. Hence, nephrotoxicity induction of two drugs which are aristolochic acid (AA) and cisplatin was compared on the zebrafish larvae.

The zebrafish larvae at 3 days post fertilisation (dpf) were exposed to AA and cisplatin in 24 hour-immersion technique. The induced larvae were than observed under Ziess Stemi SV-11 stereomicroscope for any morphological changes. Comparing AA-induced larvae at 20, 15 and 10 ppm with those of cisplatin-, the former showed periocular edeme, but the cisplatin-induced larvae showed abundance of body malformation in the absence of edema. These data demonstrated that cisplatin-induction in zebrafish did not show clear morphological sign of kidney defect. Whereas, nephrotoxic effect via periocular edema in zebrafish larvae was observed even at low AA concentration of 10ppm.


( →) Periocular edema   Control larvae
AA - Induced Larvae    
Cisplatin-induced larvae   Control Larvae


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