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‘Bunjut’ traditional herbal bath

‘Bunjut’ traditional herbal bath produced by the Biodiversity Unit is one of the therapies used for mothers during their post-natal period as it helps to expel wind, relieve pain and stress.

This bath consists of seven (7) types of herbs such as leaves of henna, piper beetle, citronella, galangal, torch ginger, kaffir lime and pandan are prepared either fresh or dried according to customer requests. The uniqueness of this herbal bath ‘bunjut’ produced by the Biodiversity Unit is that the ingredients used are freshly picked to maintain its fragrance and nutrients.

There are numerous benefits of this traditional herbal bath bunjut. postpartum repair

gives freshness to the body muscles relax

improve sleep quality stimulate blood circulation burn excess fat

improve breathing enhancing sexual senses

preserves skin moisture and makes the face radiant and youthful

Traditional herbal bath ‘bunjut’ is sold at an affordable price of RM30.00 for 5 dried ‘bunjut’ in one pack. While RM15.00 for 1 set of fresh bath leaves. For any inquiries, kindly contact us at number 03-97692130.

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