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A UNiCC Part of My Life

My internship at the Microbial Culture Collection Unit (UNiCC) was an eye-opening dive into the professional world, and it brought about a noticeable shift from student life to an intimidating working life. Despite this significant change, I found each day to be a new adventure, filled with valuable learning experiences. The UNiCC team not only excelled in handling microbial lab work expertly, but also stood out for their generosity in sharing knowledge. I cannot emphasize enough how patient, kind, and compassionate they were while guiding me through various tasks. My responsibilities at UNiCC included everything from laboratory housekeeping, clinical and chemical waste management, to record maintenance. Perhaps my favourite part was the meticulous task of identifying bacterial strains using molecular methods. This is largely due to my own deep interest in molecular biology. What made my time at UNiCC special was the team's openness in sharing tips and tricks, ranging from routine tasks like media preparation to the intricate analysis of invisible DNA sequences. Beyond the lab, I had the chance to participate in workshops and outdoor activities, such as gardening and painting, creating a well-rounded and mentally stimulating work environment. Coming from someone who greatly values creative freedom, I highly appreciate the efforts of IBS to promote these activities around the workplace. I have had the pleasure of getting to know some fascinating individuals, forging new friendships, and truly feeling like I've become a part of the UNiCC family. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Puan Musliyana, Kak Mai, Kak Ainaa, Prof. Zunita, and Dr. Ina for making my internship an incredible experience. I hope UNiCC continues to thrive as a respected culture collection centre, collaborating with prestigious organizations, gaining global recognition, and inspiring future students like myself. Thank you, UNiCC!

By Sofea Affandi

(Internship Programme student from Universiti Malaya)

Tarikh Input: 31/01/2024 | Kemaskini: 01/02/2024 | azah


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