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From the Director's Desk

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera,

Welcome to the Institute of Bioscience (IBS), Universiti Putra Malaysia!

Institute of Bioscience is a leading research centre in UPM focusing on research, professional services and postgraduate programmes.   Our mission is to seek new knowledge, advance the research frontiers in the fields of life and medical sciences, and biotechnology and help the society discover new ways to innovate products for wealth creation and healthy living. 


Since its establishment in 1996, IBS has engaged in leading research that has focused on Molecular Biomedicine and Therapeutics which emphases on cutting edge interdisciplinary research in discovery of new entities – drugs, nutriceuticals and nutricosmeceuticals from natural resources, development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics against infectious diseases including cancer and marine biotechnology. In 2010, IBS was recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education as one of the six Higher Institution Centres of Excellence (HICoE) in the country for research in animal vaccines and therapeutics. 


Institute of Bioscience is also proud to house one of the best high-end imaging facilities in the country with advanced and sophisticated microscopy instruments. Other core facilities are the Comparative Medicine & Technology Unit for rodent  testing and High-end Spectroscopy facility. In addition, IBS also maintains a 2-ha Agriculture Conservatory Park which has a collection of more than 500 species of medicinal plants for research and teaching. We also offer a wide range of laboratory services and training to researchers from local and overseas institutions.


Institute of Bioscience will continue to excel in research and innovation through strengthening collaboration with universities, research centers and industries partners  in meeting the demands of the nation and the world.

Please do visit our website to learn more about the current research, services,  expertise and current events.


Institut  Biosains
Universiti Putra Malaysia
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 : 03 - 9769 3041

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