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Medical biotechnology is the field of study that applies the biological-related techniques in medical research, development and innovation. Dramatic advances in genetics, biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology and immunology for the past few decades have greatly contributed to the complex and fast-evolving field of medical biotechnology. Breakthroughs in medical biotechnology have revolutionized the practice of conventional medicine. 

These revolutions are including the development of newer and simpler tests for the diagnosis of diseases with higher degree of accuracy; genetic and proteomic tests that allow for prevention of diseases; more efficient methods for designing and producing drugs that are more effective but less toxic by targeting at the molecular level as well as realization of gene therapy in clinical practice to cure diseases that are previously incurable. This field of study will emphasize on the understanding of related biological processes and application of edge-cutting technologies in the research, development and innovation of pharmaceutical products, vaccines, diagnostic kits and devices for the medical industry.

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