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Marine Ecology and Biodiversity

6. Marine Ecology and Biodiversity
The field of Marine Ecology and Biodiversity encompasses topics in population biology and community structure of marine biota at gene, species and ecosystem levels to understand the processes responsible for the regulation and maintenance of diversity in marine ecosystems.  Application of both conventional and molecular tools is emphasized to better understand the structure, processesand functions of marine biota.  Cause-effects relationships between environmental parameters and biodiversity are analysedto design effective management approaches of the marine resources and their environment.

List of Experts
Professor Dr. Fatimah Md Yusoff
Professor Dato' Dr. Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din
Professor Dr. Aziz Arshad
Professor Madya Dr. Muta Harah Zakaria @ Ya
Dr. Annie Christianus
Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee 
Dr. Natrah Fatin Mohd Ikhsan

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