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The main research areas are in the investigation of mechanisms of development, detection, monitoring, and treatment of animal cancers. The mechanisms of cancer development are investigated by determining molecules and pathways involved in cancer proliferation and inhibition. These pathways and molecules will serve as targets for cancer therapies. In the early detection and monitoring of cancer development, several serum biomarkers will be identified, which have potential to be developed into diagnostic kits. The efficacies of new anticancer synthetic and natural compounds are also investigated in dogs and cats with naturally developed cancers as well as mice and rats with specific induced cancers. Some of these compounds will be packaged in new and innovative drug delivery systems for more effective therapies. The research also involves preclinical (laboratory animals) and clinical trials in client owned pet animals with spontaneous cancer in the development of animal and human cancer therapeutics that would eventually culminate in commercialization.
List of Experts
Professor Dr. Rozita Rosli
Associate Professor Dr. Norazizah Shafee
Associate Professor Dr. Norhaizan Mohd Esa
Dr. Chia Suet Lin

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