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2. Aquatic Biotechnology 
This field deals with utilization of biotechnology tools in cells, tissues, organs, organelles and extracts or molecules from marine plants and animals. The studies focus on the properties and functions of specific pathways, systems and conditions in these organisms, to elucidate their survival, growth, pathological and immunological symptoms, and responses.   Establishment of new protocols and processes, and development of new products using marine resources will be emphasized.
List of Experts
Professor Dr. Fatimah Md Yusoff
Professor Dato' Dr. Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din
Professor Dr. Aziz Arshad
Dr. Annie Christianus
Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee
Dr. Natrah Fatin Mohd Ikhsan
Dr. Zetty Norhana Balia Yusoff 
Dr. Chong Chou Min
Dr. Murni Marlina Bt. Abd Karim  

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