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Comparative Cancer Biology

Synopsis :

The correlations between cancer in humans and companion animals are remarkable. Pets share environment and develop similar forms of cancer as humans. In addition, the clinical manifestation and treatment of cancer in pets and humans are also quite close. Hence, other than improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pets, the comparative cancer biology program will use these naturally occurring cancer models to generate new information about cancer and bring novel therapeutic options for human cancers. Although direct inter-species correlations cannot be made, we can still learn a lot by studying cancer in companion animals in its many forms.


Contact :

Associate Professor Dr. Chia Suet Lin
 : 03 - 9769 3042 


Associate Researcher
1. Professor Datin Paduka Dr. Khatijah Mohd Yusoff 
2. Associate Professor Dr. Chia Suet Lin
3. Associate Professor Madya Dr. Gayathri Thevi 
4. Dr. Nooraini Mohd Ain
Associate Researcher (Interim)
1. Profesor Dr. Cheah Yoke Kqueen 
2. Associate Profesor Dr. Lau Seng Fong 
3. Associate Profesor Dr. Siti Sarah Othman
4. Dr. Armania Nurdin
5. Dr. Ong Siew Mei

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