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Natural Products Metabolomics

Programme : Natural Products Metabolomics
Programme Leader : Prof. Dr. Khozirah Shaari

This program is directed towards advancing novel chemical and biological knowledge in the metabolomics of natural products.

Key goals of metabolomics include :

1) chemical annotation, i.e. determining the chemical structure of each metabolite
2) biological annotation, i.e. connecting each metabolite to a specific enzyme, biochemical pathway, or  
    biological process, and
3) metabolomic annotation, i.e. the distribution of each metabolite in different cells of an organism which
    includes spatial and temporal information as well as concentration. 

Synopsis :

Projects within the program aims to uncover the wealth of information on how an organism reacts or responds to drastic changes in its natural environment by deciphering the metabolite changes triggered in the organisms tissues and biofluids. The approach will lead to the discovery of novel metabolic biomarkers with potential applications in diagnostics, as well as yielding novel mechanistic information that will drive a deeper understanding of biological functions and processes. Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Liquid Chromatography Coupled Mass Spectrometry will be employed for the detection of temporal multivariate metabolic signatures for these biomarkers.

Research Highlights:

- High-caliber and internationally recognized multidisciplinary researchers.
- Advanced facilities of high resolution spectroscopy  
- Well-trained and experienced staff.
- Networking with Leiden University, the Netherlands.  
- Secured major national projects pertinent to metabolomics.


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