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Fish Vaccine Technologies and Therapeutics

Synopsis :

This program deals with aquatic animal health concerns and preventive measures through vaccine and therapeutic methods. It covers a variety of topics related to fish vaccinology, immunology and biochemical mechanisms of the pathogen in developing and designing novel and effective vaccines, as well as improving existing vaccines for rendering protection from various types of infectious fish diseases. Development of new technologies for other therapeutics such as immunostimulants, probiotics and prebiotics, as well as introducing innovative solutions to practical problems related to aquatic animal health management for the country's aquaculture industry is also emphasized.


Contact :

Associate Professor Dr. Ina Salwany Md. Yassin 
 : 03 : 9769 2138 


Associate Researcher    
1. Professor Dr. Mohd Zamri Saad    
2. Associate Professor Dr. Natrah Fatin Mohd Ikhsan    
3. Associate Professor Dr. Ina Salwany Md. Yassin     
4. Dr. Chong Chou Min    
5. Muhammad Farhan Nazarudin    
6. Norfarrah Mohamed Alipiah    


Associate Researcher (Interim)    
1. Associate Professor Dr. Zetty Norhana Balia Yusof    
2. Associate Professor Dr. Murni Marlina Abd Karim    
3. Associate Professor Dr. Md Sabri Mohd Yusof     
4. Associate Professor Dr. Hasliza Abu Hassim    
5. Dr. Zarirah Mohamed Zulperi     
6. Dr. Siti Nor Ani Azaman    

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