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Vaccines And Diagnostic Technologies

Programme : Vaccines and Diagnostic Technologies
Programme Leader : Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Omar


This research programme aims to develop improved diagnostics and effective vaccines and other biotherapeutics against emergent, zoonotic infectious agents and drug resistant pathogens, through advances in molecular diagnostics and vaccine design.  

In addition, novel probiotic microorganisms are also studied and evaluated for their potential as biotherapeutic agents and live vaccine delivery vehicle or adjuvants. Our primary focus is to develop effective biotherapeutic agents, automated molecular tools for rapid detection as well as improving the  efficacy and safety of vaccines, adjuvants and compounds added into vaccine formulations to enhance immune responses to vaccine antigen. Emphasis is also given on addressing fundamental issues such as gene regulation and cellular mechanisms in immunity and disease resistance based on functional genomics study of infectious pathogens and the host immune responses.

Research Highlights:
-The core facilities included BSL-3/Animal BSL-3 lab, Real-time PCR, Cell Culture Facility and High-End 
 Imaging Systems
-Offers laboratory services and training to researchers from local and overseas 
-Networking and collaboration with international collaborators 
-A probiotic for poultry has been commercialised by a Biotechnology Company. 
-Produced over 90 publications in ISI journals with accumulate impact factor 157.977, 2 patents 
 granted, 1 patent licensed, 1 trademark, 17 patents pending, 13 international awards and 31 national 

Updated:: 25/07/2017 [azah]


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