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Therapeutics & Engineered Protiens

Program : Therapeutics Engineered Proteins
Head of Programme :  Prof. Dr. Raja Nor Zaliha Raja Abdul Rahman

The majority of biopharmaceutical marketed to date are recombinant therapeutic protein drugs. Most of these proteins need to be reengineered in order to be fully employed as medicines. Unlocking and in silico analysis the atomic details of disease/target protein helps in tailoring designer proteins or peptides based therapeutics by biomimicking the binding/active sites, generate candidate molecules, check for their drug likeness, dock these molecules with the target, rank them according to their binding affinities, further optimize the molecules to improve binding characteristics. The stability and bioavailability of peptides based therapeutics can be overcome by forming cyclic end or peptidomimetics approaches. 

The aims of the program are:

1. To elucidate the structure and function of proteins;

2. To understand the behavior of proteins in silico; and

3. To engineer miniproteins or peptides based therapeutics.

Updated:: 25/07/2017 [azah]


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