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Aquatic Diagnostics And Health Management

Programme : Aquatic Diagnostics and Health Management
Programme Leader : Professor Dr. Fatimah Md. Yusoff


The current research niche of MARSLAB is on Aquatic Diagnostics and Health Management.  Within this framework, MARSLAB researchers focus on marine bioactive resources with potential uses for aquatic animal and human health, therapeutics and prophylactics, and platform research technologies in marine biotechnology and aquaculture.  Bioprospecting and utilization of aquatic biomedicinal resources for biotherapeutics and prophylactics development as well as health sustenance will be emphasized. 

Thus, to ensure sustainable supply of marine resources and productivity of the aquatic animals, the research also addresses the control and maintenance of ecosystem health. In addition to focusing on the bioactive molecules, the programme includes establishment of diagnostics with quality control through effective isolation and rapid characterization of pathogens. The study entails utilization of molecular tools in complement with rapid conventional methods for fast and reliable detection of pathogens in animal tissues for improvement of diagnostic tools.

Research Highlights:

-Multi-discipline approaches against diseases of commercially important fish and aquatic invertebrate 
 using immunotherapeutics and diagnostics.  
-Enhancement of technological skills and expertise of researchers with multidisciplinary background.    
-Availability of the `state-of-the-art’ research facilities. 
-Availability of research fund to initiate Aquatic Diagnostics and Health Management research and 
 related projects.
-Private and industry research collaborators, partnership and networking with local and international 

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