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Laboratory of Natural Product (LHS)


The Laboratory of Natural Products (LHS) was established to realize the high-value added outcomes from our biological resources, based on its effective and sustainable development. One of our approaches is through enrichment of the scientific contents of these resources. The national asset, in the form of biodiversity with traditional medicinal knowledge is expected to intensify the potential of developing the asset as a source of national prosperity.

The main objective of LHS is to develop biological resources through the most effective methodologies, as well as through identification of bioactive constituents to be further developed into medicinal agents for the benefit of the people and the country. Using the state-of-the-art facilities, fully-trained personnel and experienced researchers, the Laboratory aspires to become a centre of excellence in natural products discovery and development.  

Professor. Dr. Khozirah Shaari  
Faculty of Science
Expertise :Natural Product Chemistry
Scopus ID : 6602349732
 +603-9769 8081/ 1484

Expertise :Natural Product Chemistry
Scopus ID : 7103005751, 57040629500
 +603-9769 7492

Scopus ID : 15021341900
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 +603-9769 8519

Scopus ID : 6506864882
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 +603-9769 8343

Dr. Wan Nor Hamidah Wan Ibrahim
Faculty of Science
Expertise:Developmental Neurotoxicology
Scopus ID : 37021968800
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 +603-9769 6625 

Dr. Siti Munirah Mohd Faudzi
Faculty of Science
Expertise : Natural Products Chemistry, Synthesis
Scopus ID : AU-ID(56426432100)
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 +603-9769 6797


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Professor Dr. Khozirah Binti Shaari 
Head of Laboratory (VK7)
 : 03 - 9769 1484

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