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Laboratory of Molecular Biomedicine (MOLEMED)


The Laboratory of Molecular Biomedicine (MoleMed) was formed in 2006 to establish and enhance research & development, innovation and commercialization activities in the niche area of biomedicine and biotherapeutics. This Laboratory encompasses two major programmes, namely Nutri-cosmeceuticals,  Nutrigenomics & Nanodelivery and Therapeutic Engineered Proteins. All two programmes work in tandem towards research & development of cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and biotherapeutic drugs for the prevention and treatment of various oxidative stress related diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease and aging. 

In order to achieve the targeted goals, Laboratory of Molecular Biomedicine works closely with local and world-reputed research institutions and leading companies in respective industry through projects collaboration, innovation exchange and technology transfer. Besides, the Laboratory also provides high technological services and facilities to local and international researchers and postgraduate students for the development of molecular biomedicine in Malaysia.


1. To conduct high impact research in the niche areas of nutricosmeceuticals & nanodelivery and biotherapeutics for prevention and treatment of oxidative stress related disease, with focus on their structural and functional properties, bioavailability, pharmacokinetics and mechanistic activities using OMICS technologies.

2. To carry out innovation & commercialization initiatives for potential nutricosmeceuticals and biotherapeutics.

3. To train human resource with skills for R&D&I in biotechnology and molecular biomedicine.

4. To provide high levels of technological services & facilities in molecular biomedicine research.

5. To establish stronger links with local & international institutions & industries in nutricosmeceuticals and biotherapeutics for R & D and commercialization initiatives.



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Associate Profesor Dr. Ahmad Faizal Abdull Razis
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