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Comparative Medicine And Technology Unit (COMeT)


Comparative Medicine and Technology Unit (COMeT) is a SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) laboratory animal facility that was built in conformance to the international standards. In achieving these standards, the unit hopes to attain AAALAC (Association for Accreditation and Assessment of Laboratory Animal Care International) accreditation as well as GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) certification. To achieve this goal, COMeT has been equipped with the state of the art equipment as well as has in its organization, experienced, well trained and dedicated personnel who will strive to provide excellent care and services to all uses of the facility.


  • To become a one-stop center for reference and consultation in in vivo research in an effort to bolster UPM as a research university
  • To breed and supply SPF rodents. Planning to market SPF animals abroad, especially in Asia region.
  • To provide a conducive environment of international standard to attract researchers from both local and international institutions of higher learning, research institutions as well as pharmaceutical companies.
  • To seek AAALAC (Association and for Acreditation of Assesment of Laboratory Animal Care) accreditation as well as GLP certification to gain international recognition To be the center of excellence in laboratory animal science



  • Positive pressure animal and research rooms to reduce pathogen from contaminate the rooms.
  • Individual access system on every animal and research rooms.
  • Three breeding rooms for production of SPF mice and rats.
  • All SPF laboratory rodents are placed in Individual Ventilated Cages (IVC) to prevent adventitious microbial agents.
  • There are two spacious research rooms. These two rooms use HEPA filtration system, with controlled temperature between 21 to 23°c, and relative humidity in a range of 50 to 60%.
  • Two autoclave machine available in this facility for decontamination and sterilization of equipment, animal feed, bedding, and cages.
  • Two dressing rooms and bathrooms for men and women equipped with toilets, and lockers adequate for researchers.
  • Using two corridor concept, clean and dirty corridor. Unidirectional flow inside the facility. Researchers will enter the facility through clean corridor and exit via dirty corridor.
  • Two research rooms for housing SPF animals used for research. 


  • To breed and produce SPF laboratory animal especially mice and rats in a large scale as to meet the market needs.
  • To sell SPF laboratory animal to researchers from UPM and others.
  • To sell SPF laboratory animal to researchers that conduct their study in this facility.
  • To provide space and the state of art facilities to researchers from within and outside UPM to conduct research work at the facility.
  • To conduct training and courses to postgraduate students and researchers from inside and outside UPM on laboratory animal use and research.
  • To provide advice and veterinary consultancy on the laboratory animals use and research.
  • 24 hours Veterinary Services to look after on management, health, husbandry and care of SPF laboratory animal.

Inquiries :

Associate Professor Dr. Syahrilnizam Abdullah

Unit coordinator
 : 03 - 9769 3061 




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