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Laboratory of Natural Product - Publications 2013

  1. Armania, N., Yazan, L.S., Musa, S.N., Ismail, I.S., Foo, J.B., Chan, K.W., Noreen, H., Hisyam, A.H., Zulfahmi, S. and Ismail, M. 2013. Dillenia suffruticosa exhibited antioxidant and cytotoxic activity through induction of apoptosis and G2/M cell cycle arrest. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 146: 525-535.
  2. Low, K.W., Abas, F., Cordell, G.A. & Ismail, I.S. 2013. Steroids from Dysoxylum grande (Meliaceae). Steroids, 78 (2): 210–219.
  3. Naidu, K.R.M., Khalivulla, S.I., Rasheed, S., Fakurazi, S., Arulselvan, P., Lasekan, O. & Abas, F. 2013. Synthesis of Bisindolylmethanes and Their Cytotoxicity Properties. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 14: 1843-1853.
  4. Wong, M.S., Sidik, S.M., Mahmud, R. & Stanslas, J. 2013. Molecular targets in the discovery and development of novel antimetastatic agents: Current progress and future prospects. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, 40: 307–319.
  5. Hasan, M.S., Basri, H., Lim, P.H., & Stanslas, J. 2013. Genetic Polymorphisms and Drug Interactions Leading to Clopidogrel Resistance: Why the Asian Population Requires Special Attention. International Journal of Neuroscience, 123 (3):143-154.
  6. Ooi, C.T.M., Ahmad, S., Stanslas, J. & Mahmood, M. 2013. Efficiency of different Agrobacterium rhizogenes strains on hairy roots induction in Solanum mammosum. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 29:421–430.
  7. Zareen, S., Ismail, I.S., Shaari, K., Yusof, K.N. & Akhtar, M.N. 2013. Quantitative HPLC Analysis of Benzene Derivatives of Melicope ptelefolia Leaves. International Journal of Food Properties, Doi:10.1080/10942912.2011.609952.
  8. Salehan, N.M., Meon, S. and Ismail, I.S. 2013. Antifungal activity of Cosmos caudatus Kunth extracts against seven economically important plant pathogens. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology- in press.

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