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Laboratory of Natural Product - Publications 2012

  1. Jantan, I., Abbas Bukhari, S.N., Lajis, N.H., Abas, F., Lam, K.W. and Jasamai, M. 2012. Effects of diarylpentanoid analogues of curcumin on chemiluminescence and chemotactic activities of phagocytes. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 64 (3): 404-412.

  2. Lee, K.H., Chow, Y.L., Vidyadaran, S., Abas, F., Mohamed Alitheen, N.B., Shaari, K., Israf, D.A., Lajis, N.H. and Ahmad, S. 2012. BDMC33, A Curcumin Derivative Suppresses Inflammatory Responses in Macrophage-Like Cellular System: Role of Inhibition in NF-κB and MAPK Signaling Pathways. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 13 (3): 2985-3008.

  3. Zaima, K., Koga, I., Iwasawa, N., Hosoya, T., Hirasawa, Y., Kaneda, T., Ismail, IS, Lajis, N.N. and Morita, H. 2012. Vasorelaxant activity of indole alkaloids from Tabernaemontana dichotoma. Journal of Natural Medicines. Doi 10.1007/s11418-012-0638-y.

  4. Ismail, N., Jambari, N.N., Zareen ,S., Akhtar, M.N., Shaari, K., Zamri-Saad, M., Tham, C.L., Sulaiman, M.R., Lajis, N.H. and Israf, D.A. 2012. A geranyl acetophenone targeting cysteinyl leukotriene synthesis prevents allergic airway inflammation in ovalbumin-sensitized mice. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 259 (2): 257-262.

  5. Ming-Tatt, L., Khalivulla, S.I., Akhtar, M.N., Mohamad, A.S., Perimal, E.K., Khalid, M.H., Akira, A., Lajis, N., Israf, D.A. and Sulaiman, M.R. 2012. Antinociceptive activity of a synthetic curcuminoid analogue, 2,6-bis-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzylidene) cyclohexanone, on nociception-induced Models in Mice. Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, 110 (3): 275-282.

  6. Chow, Y.L., Lee, K.H., Vidyadaran, S., Lajis, N.H., Akhtar, M.N., Israf, D.A. and Syahida, A. 2012. Cardamonin from Alpinia rafflesiana inhibits inflammatory responses in IFN-γ/LPS-stimulated BV2 microglia via NF-κB signalling pathway. International Immunology. 12 (4): 657-665.

  7. Lam, K.W., Tham, C.L., Liew, C.Y., Ahmad, S. Adbul Rahman, M.B., Israf, D.A. and Lajis, N.H. 2012. Synthesis and evaluation of DPPH and anti-inflammatory activities of 2,6-bisbenzylidenecyclohexanone and pyrazoline derivatives. Medicinal Chemistry Research, 21 (3): 333-344.

  8. Zakaria, Z.A., Hussain, M.K., Mohamad, A.S., Abdullah, F.C. and Sulaiman, M.R. 2012. Anti-Inflammatory Activity of the Aqueous Extract of Ficus deltoidea. Biological Research for Nursing, 14 (1): 90-97.

  9. Soleimany, F., Jinap, S. Abas, F. and Khatib, A. 2012. A UPLCeMS/MS for simultaneous determination of aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, zearalenone, DON, fumonisins, T-2 toxin and HT-2 toxin, in cereals. Food Control, 25: 647-653.

  10. Lim, J.C., Chan, T.K., Ng, D.S., Sagineedu, S.R., Stanslas, J. and Wong, W.F. 2012. Andrographolide and its analogues: versatile bioactive molecules for combating inflammation and cancer. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, 39 (3): 300-310.

  11. Abdelwahab, S.I., Syaed Koko, W., Elhassan Taha, M.M., Mohan, S., Achoui, M., Abdulla, M.A., Mustafa, M.R., Ahmad, S., Noordin, M.I., Chung, L.Y., Sulaiman, M.R., Othman, R. and Hassan, A.A. 2012. In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory activities of columbin through the inhibition of cycloxygenase-2 and nitric oxide but not the suppression of NF-κB translocation. European Journal of Pharmacology, 678 (1-3): 61-70.

  12. Maulidiani, H., Khatib, A,, Shaari, K., Abas, F., Shitan, M., Kneer, R., Neto, V. and Lajis, N.H. 2012. Discrimination of Three Pegaga (Centella) Varieties and Determination of Growth-Lighting Effects on Metabolites Content Based on the Chemometry of 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 60 (1): 410-417.

  13. Al-Mekhlafi, N.A. Shaari, K., Abas, F., Kneer, R., Jeyaraj, E.J., Stanslas, J., Yamamoto, N., Honda, T. and Lajis, N.H. 2012. Alkenylresorcinols and cytotoxic activity of the constituents isolated from Labisia pumila. Phytochemistry, 80: 42-49.

  14. Elghali, S., Mustafa, S., Amid, M., Abd Manap, M.Y., Ismail, A. and Abas, F. 2012. Bioconversion of daidzein to equol by Bifidobacterium breve 15700 and Bifidobacterium longum BB536. Journal of Functional Foods, 4 (4): 736–745.

  15. Ceesay, A., Shamsudin, M.N., Alipiah, N.M. and Ismail, I.S. 2012. Biodiversity and Adaptability of Holothuria leucospilota and Stichopus japonicus Sea Cucumber Species in Artificial Environment. Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development, 3: 123. doi:10.4172/2155-9546.1000123.

  16. Hirasawa, Y., Matsuya, R., Shaari, K., Lajis, N.H., Uchiyama, N., Goda, Y. and Morita, H. 2012. Lycobelines A–C, Novel C16N2-type Lycopodium alkaloids from Huperzia goebelii. Tetrahedron Letters, 53 (31): 3971–3973.

  17. Sahib, N.G., Saari, N., Ismail, A., Khatib, A., Mahomoodally, F. and Abdul Hamid, A. 2012. Plants' Metabolites as Potential Antiobesity Agents. Scientific World Journal, Doi: 10.1100/2012/436039.

  18. Mediani, A., Abas, F., Khatib, A., Maulidiani, H., Shaari, K., Yong, H. C. and Lajis, N.H. 2012. 1H-NMR-based Metabolomics Approach to Understanding the Drying Effects in the Phytochemical in Cosmos caudatus. Food Research International, 49 (2): 763–770.

  19. Husian, K., Zakaria, s. M., Lajis, N.H., Shaari, K., Ismail, I.S., Israf, D.A. and Paetz, C. 2012. Novel sesquiterpene and copyrine alkaloids from Anaxageroe javanica Blume. Phytochemistry Letter, 5 (4): 788–792.

  20. Abdelwahab, S. I., Ahmed Hassan, L. E., AbdulMajid, A. M. S., Ahmed Yagi, S.M., Mohan, S., Elhassan Taha, M.M., Ahmad, S., Cheah, S.C., Mohd Mustafa Rais, P.N.,  Syam, S.,  AbdulkarimMoharam, B. and Hadi, A.H. 2012. Cucurbitacin L 2-O-β-Glucoside Demonstrates Apoptogenesis in Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells (HT-29): Involvement of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Regulation. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, Doi:10.1155/2012/490136.

  21. Lasekan, O., Alfi, K., and Abbas. K.A. 2012. Volatile Compounds of Roasted and Steamed Malaysian Tropical Almond Nut (Terminalia catappa L.). International Journal of Food Properties, 15: 1120–1132.

  22. Mediani, A., Abas, F., Tan, C.P., Khatib, A. and Lajis, N.H. 2012. Influence of Growth Stage and Season on the Antioxidant Constituents of Cosmos caudatus. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 67 (4): 344-350.

  23. Hosoya, T., Nakata, A., Yamasaki, F., Abas, F., Shaari, K. Lajis, N.H. and Morita, H. 2012. Curcumin-like diarylpentanoid analogues as melanogenesis inhibitors. Journal of Natural Medicines, 66 (1): 166-176.

  24. Oskoueian, E., Abdullah, N. and Ahmad, S. 2012. Phorbol Esters from Jatropha Meal Triggered Apoptosis, Activated PKC-δ, Caspase-3 Proteins and Down-Regulated the Proto-Oncogenes in MCF-7 and HeLa Cancer Cell Lines. Molecules, 17: 10816-10830.

  25. Oskoueian, E., Abdullah, N. and Ahmad, S. 2012. Phorbol Esters Isolated from Jatropha Meal Induced Apoptosis-Mediated Inhibition in Proliferation of Chang and Vero Cell Lines. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 13: 13816-13829.

  26. Lee, W.H., Ismail, I.S., Shaari, K., Lee, H.B., Ito, H. and Kamaruzaman, F.A. 2012. Two New Phloroglucinol Derivatives and Five Photosensitizing Pheophorbides from Syzygium polyanthum (Salam) Leaves. Natural Products Communication, 7 (8): 1033-1036.

  27. Mohd Safri, M.A., Mat Jais, A.M., Md Jaffri, J., Kim, M.K., Ithnin, H., and Mohamed, F. 2012. Cresyl violet staining to assess neuroprotective and neurogenerative effects of haruan traditional extract against neurodegenerative damage of ketamine. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4 (4): 163-168.

  28. Basir, R. Chan, K.L., Yam, M.F., Othman, F., Abdullah, W.O., Mohd Moklas, M.A., Abdul Rahim, A.S., Ismail, I.S., Hidayat, M.T., Mat Taib, C.N. and Mahmud, R. 2012. Antimalarial activity of selected Malaysian medicinal plants. Phytopharmacology, 3 (1): 82-92.

  29. Lee, W.H. and Ismail, I.S. 2012. Antioxidant Activity, Total Phenolics and total flavonoids of Syzygium polyanthum (Wight) Walp leaves. International Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, 2 (2): 219-228.

  30. Hassanbaglou, B., Abdul Hamid, A., Roheeyati, A.M., Mohd Saleh, N., Abdulamir, A.S., Khatib, A. and Sabu M.C. 2012. Antioxidant activity of different extracts from leaves of Pereskia bleo (Cactaceae). Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, 6 (15): 2932-2937.

  31. Abdu, H. Ahmad, F.H., Basri, M., Ismail, I.S., and Abdul Rahman, M.B. 2012. Spectroscopic Data of 3-O-b-D-Glucopyranoside-betulinic Acid: An Anti-cancer agent. International Journal of Chemistry, 4 (5): 28-34.

  32. Abdu, H. Ahmad, F.H., Basri, M. and Ismail, I.S. 2012. Oriental Journal of Chemistry, 28 (3): 1123-1133.


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