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Laboratory of Vaccine & Immunotherapeutics (LiVES) - Publication 2018

Wong C.L., Yong C.Y., Muhamad A., Syahir A., Omar A.R., Sieo C.C., Tan W.S.A 12-residue epitope displayed on phage T7 reacts strongly with antibodies against foot-and-mouth disease virus
Sumber/ Source: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Sumber/ Source: Nanomaterials

Jinghua L., Linmei S., Ping H., Gothai S., Muniandy K., Suresh Kumar S., Esa N.M., Arulselvan P.Amelioration of oxidative stress through apoptosis-mediated pathway in colon cancer cells by hexane fraction of Moringa oleifera extract
Sumber/ Source: Pharmacognosy Magazine

Gothai S., Muniandy K., Esa N.M., Subbiah S.K., Arulselvan P.Anticancer potential of Alternanthera sessilis extract on HT-29 human colon cancer cells
Sumber/ Source: Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine

Zulkawi N., Ng K.H., Zamberi N.R., Yeap S.K., Satharasinghe D.A., Tan S.W., Ho W.Y., Abd Rashid N.Y., Md Lazim M.I., Jamaluddin A., Alitheen N.B., Long K.Antihyperglycemic and anti-inflammatory effects of fermented food paste in high-fat diet and streptozotocin-challenged mice
Sumber/ Source: Drug Design, Development and Therapy

Sumber/ Source: Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science

Sumber/ Source: Archives of Virology

Farhanah M.I., Yasmin A.R., Isa N.M., Hair-Bejo M., Ideris A., Powers C., Oladapo O., Nair V., Khoo J.-S., Ghazali A.-K., Yee W.-Y., Omar A.R.Bursal transcriptome profiling of different inbred chicken lines reveals key differentially expressed genes at 3 days postinfection with very virulent infectious Bursal disease virus
Sumber/ Source: Journal of General Virology

Nordin N., Yeap S.K., Zamberi N.R., Abu N., Mohamad N.E., Rahman H.S., How C.W., Masarudin M.J., Abdullah R., Alitheen N.B.Characterization and toxicity of citral incorporated with nanostructured lipid carrier
Sumber/ Source: PeerJ

Sumber/ Source:International Journal of Food Properties

Ibrahim H.H., Jesse F.F.A., Abba Y., Chung E.L.T., Marza A.D., Haron A.W., Zamri-Saad M., Omar A.R., Saharee A.A.Clinical and histopathological study on reproductive lesions caused by pasteurella multocida type B2 immunogens in buffalo heifers
Sumber/ Source:Bulgarian Journal of Veterinary Medicine

Mohamad N.E., Yeap S.K., Beh B.-K., Ky H., Lim K.L., Ho W.Y., Sharifuddin S.A., Long K., Alitheen N.B.Coconut water vinegar ameliorates recovery of acetaminophen induced liver damage in mice
Sumber/ Source: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Sumber/ Source: Journal of Comparative Pathology

Sumber/ Source: International Journal of Food Science and Technology

Sumber/ Source: Microbial Pathogenesis

Abdullah A.A., Balakrishnan K.N., Bala J.A., Abdullah F.F.J., Nazariah Z.A., Abdullah R., Noordin M.M., Mohd-Lila M.-A.Cytomegalovirus replication steps and the actions of antiviral drugs
Sumber/ Source: Anti-Infective Agents

Sumber/ Source: Molecules

Sumber/ Source: European Journal of Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Biology

Jaya Seema D.M., Saifullah B., Selvanayagam M., Gothai S., Hussein M.Z., Subbiah S.K., Mohd Esa N., Arulselvan P.Designing of the anticancer nanocomposite with sustained release properties by using graphene oxide nanocarrier with phenethyl isothiocyanate as anticancer agent
Sumber/ Source: Pharmaceutics

Sumber/ Source: BioMed Research International

Teng H., Yuan B., Gothai S., Arulselvan P., Song X., Chen L.Dietary triterpenes in the treatment of type 2 diabetes: To date
Sumber/ Source: Trends in Food Science and Technology

Sumber/ Source: Developmental and Comparative Immunology

Kareem K.Y., Abdulla N.R., Foo H.L., Zamri A.N.M., Shazali N., Loh T.C., Alshelmani M.I.Effect of feeding larvae meal in the diets on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and meat quality in broiler chicken
Sumber/ Source: Indian Journal of Animal Sciences

Abdolmaleki M., Yeap S.K., Tan S.W., Satharasinghe D.A., Bello M.B., Jahromi M.Z., Bejo M.H., Omar A.R., Ideris A.Effects of newcastle disease virus infection on chicken intestinal intraepithelial natural killer cells
Sumber/ Source: Frontiers in Immunolog

Hussein-Al-Ali S.H., Arulselvan P., Hussein M.Z., Fakurazi S., Saifullah B.Evaluate the cytotoxicity of kojic acid nanocomposites on melanoma cells and normal cells of the skin
Sumber/ Source: Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

Sumber/ Source: PeerJ

Bello M.B., Yusoff K.M., Ideris A., Hair-Bejo M., Peeters B.P.H., Jibril A.H., Tambuwal F.M., Omar A.R.Genotype Diversity of Newcastle Disease Virus in Nigeria: Disease Control Challenges and Future Outlook
Sumber/ Source: Advances in Virology

Abd Muain M.F., Cheo K.H., Omar M.N., Amir Hamzah A.S., Lim H.N., Salleh A.B., Tan W.S., Ahmad Tajudin A.Gold nanoparticle-decorated reduced-graphene oxide targeting anti hepatitis B virus core antigen
Sumber/ Source: Bioelectrochemistry

Saifullah B., Buskaran K., Shaikh R.B., Barahuie F., Fakurazi S., Moklas M.A.M., Hussein M.Z.Graphene oxide–PEG–protocatechuic acid nanocomposite formulation with improved anticancer properties
Sumber/ Source: Nanomaterials

Sumber/ Source: Journal of Veterinary Science

Sumber/ Source: Nanomaterials

Sumber/ Source: 3 Biotech

Sumber/ Source: Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia

Sumber/ Source: Journal of Veterinary Science

Muniandy K., Gothai S., Tan W.S., Kumar S.S., Mohd Esa N., Chandramohan G., Al-Numair K.S., Arulselvan P.In Vitro Wound Healing Potential of Stem Extract of Alternanthera sessilis
Sumber/ Source: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Sumber/ Source: Nanomaterials

Sumber/ Source: Journal of Food Science and Technology

Ahmed Q.U., Sarian M.N., Mat So'ad S.Z., Latip J., Arief Ichwan S.J., Hussein N.N., Taher M., Alhassan A.M., Hamidon H., Fakurazi S.Methylation and Acetylation Enhanced the Antidiabetic Activity of Some Selected Flavonoids: In Vitro, Molecular Modelling and Structure Activity Relationship-Based Study
Sumber/ Source: Biomolecules

Sumber/ Source: BMC Microbiology

Danjuma L., Mok P.L., Higuchi A., Hamat R.A., Teh S.W., Koh A.E.-H., Munusamy M.A., Arulselvan P., Rajan M., Nambi A., Swamy K.B., Vijayaraman K., Murugan K., Natarajaseenivasan K., Subbiah S.K.Modulatory and regenerative potential of transplanted bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells on rifampicin-induced kidney toxicity
Sumber/ Source: Regenerative Therapy

Sumber/ Source: Food Control

Megat Nabil Mohsin S., Hussein M.Z., Sarijo S.H., Fakurazi S., Arulselvan P., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.Nanolayered composite with enhanced ultraviolet ray absorption properties from simultaneous intercalation of sunscreen molecules
Sumber/ Source: International journal of nanomedicine

Abu N., Yeap S.K., Nordin N., Tan S.W., Ho W.Y., Alitheen N.B.Optimization of illumina TruSeq targeted RNA expression (TREx) library quality
Sumber/ Source: Sains Malaysiana

Sumber/ Source: International Journal of Food Properties

Thong Q.X., Wong C.L., Ooi M.K., Kueh C.L., Ho K.L., Alitheen N.B., Tan W.S.Peptide inhibitors of macrobrachium rosenbergii nodavirus
Sumber/ Source: Journal of General Virology

Sumber/ Source: Journal of Pain Research

Sumber/ Source: Polymer Composites

Sumber/ Source: Chemistry Central Journal

Zanon Z., Najihah N., Abu J., Mariatulqabtiah A.R.Prevalence of avian polyomavirus in psittacine birds in the Klang Valley
Sumber/ Source: Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science

Tang H.C., Sieo C.C., Abdullah N., Mohamad R., Omar A.R., Chong C.W., Fitrianto A., Ho Y.W.Production of phytase by mitsuokella jalaludinii in semi-solid state fermentation of agricultural by-products
Sumber/ Source: Sains Malaysiana

Sumber/ Source: Review of Neurosciences

Bala J.A., Balakrishnan K.N., Abdullah A.A., Yi L.C., Bitrus A.A., Abba Y., Aliyu I.A., Peter I.D., Hambali I.U., Mohamed R.B., Jesse F.F.A., Haron A.W., Noordin M.M., Lila M.A.M.Sero-epidemiology of contagious ecthyma based on detection of IgG antibody in selected sheep and goats farms in Malaysia
Sumber/ Source: Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Low S.E., Ooi P.T., Rahaman N.Y.A., Tan S.W., Cheah Z.H., Cheah E.H.C., Lim E.P.Q., Yong C.K., Kam K.Y.Serological survey of Aujeszky's disease in Peninsular Malaysia in 2016
Sumber/ Source: Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Mohamed R.A., Salleh A.B., Leow T.C., Yahaya N.M., Abdul Rahman M.B.Site-directed mutagenesis: role of lid region for T1 lipase specificity
Sumber/ Source: Protein engineering, design & selection : PEDS

Sumber/ Source: Journal of Separation Science

Ho K.L., Gabrielsen M., Beh P.L., Kueh C.L., Thong Q.X., Streetley J., Tan W.S., Bhella D.Structure of the Macrobrachium rosenbergii nodavirus: A new genus within the Nodaviridae?
Sumber/ Source: PLoS biology

Sumber/ Source: Journal of immunology research

Sumber/ Source: ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Sumber/ Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Gan B.K., Yong C.Y., Ho K.L., Omar A.R., Alitheen N.B., Tan W.S.Targeted Delivery of Cell Penetrating Peptide Virus-like Nanoparticles to Skin Cancer Cells
Sumber/ Source: Scientific Reports

Bala J.A., Balakrishnan K.N., Abdullah A.A., Mohamed R., Haron A.W., Jesse F.F.A., Noordin M.M., Mohd-Azmi M.L.The re-emerging of orf virus infection: A call for surveillance, vaccination and effective control measures
Sumber/ Source: Microbial Pathogenesis

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