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Laboratory of Biotechnology Marine - Publications 2014

  1. Rahman M.A., Yusoff F.M., Arshad A., Uehara T. 2014. Effects of delayed metamorphosis on larval survival, metamorphosis, and juvenile performance of four closely related species of tropical sea urchins (genus echinometra). The Scientific World Journal 2014: 1-11.

  2. Low C.F , Mariana N.S ,Maha A , Chee H.Y,  Fatimah M.Y . 2014. Putative apolipoprotein A-I, natural killer cell enhancement factor and lysozyme g are involved in the early immune response of brown-marbled grouper, Epinephelus fuscoguttatus, Forskal, to Vibrio alginolyticus. Journal of Fish Diseases. 37 (8): 693-701.

  3. Kawai M., Nagao N., Tajima N., Niwa C., Matsuyama T., Toda T. 2014. The effect of the labile organic fraction in food waste and the substrate/inoculum ratio on anaerobic digestion for a reliable methane yield. Bioresource Technology. 157:174-180

  4. Imaizumi Y,  Nagao N, Fatimah M.Y, Taguchi S,  Toda T. 2014. Estimation of optimum specific light intensity per cell on a high-cell-density continuous culture of Chlorella zofingiensis not limited by nutrients of CO2. Bioresource Technology. 162:53-59

  5. Subramaniam K,  Shariff M,  Omar A.R, Bejo M.H, Ong  B.L. 2014. Detection and molecular characterization of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus from major ornamental fish breeding states in Peninsular Malaysia. Journal of Fish Diseases. 37 :609-618

  6. Helena K, Norazira A.R, Sanjoy B, Nazurah H, Siti S.S, Nur H.Z, Fathurrahman L, Siti H.A.H, Azizah E. Effects of different salinities and pH on the growth and proximate composition of Nannochloropsis sp. and Tetraselmis sp. isolated from South China Sea cultured under control and natural condition. International Biodeteriration and Biodegradation. 95:11 – 18

  7. Srikanth R.M, Fatimah M.Y, Sanjoy B,  Shariff M. 2014. Microalgae as Sustainable Renewable Energy Feedstock for Biofuel Production  BioMed Research International. 2014: 1-13

  8. Natrah F.M.I., Bossier P., Sorgeloos P., Yusoff F.M., Defoirdt T. 2014. Significance of microalgal-bacterial interactions for aquaculture. Reviews in Aquaculture 6(1): 48-61


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